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Fleece Hats for the Holidays

Adorable Niece in Owl HatIMG_2169

This was made for a Christmas gift last year, I had a niece who requested a fleece owl hat so I purchased a pattern from,d.cGE

and set off making hats, I was not sure which color she would like best so I gave her both and she loved them equally. She was wearing one when I saw her on Christmas day. This pattern was so easy to make and the fleece is super simpe to work with. After making the owls I found altering the pattern to make other animals quite easy. I ending up making a few bears, a racoon, fox and cat.

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Nascar Felt Tool Box

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This is the felt toolbox I made for a friends Christmas gift. I had made a similar one for my brother last year. I used Nascar print fabric to line the box because this guy works the pits and is a race fan. I have purchased a pattern to make this box and some tools but I find myself drawing the pattern out by hand each time. It is a simple pattern with clean lines I use the idea of “Handy Manny’s” toolbox. For the first time I included a power tool along with the wrench.

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Hoo-o-o’s Birthday

Complete set
Complete set

Mary is going to a birthday party and we were at a loss as to what to give as a gift, when I mentioned an art bag Mary got very excited so here is what I created. I found this great fabric with owls. The pattern is bright green and pink very girly. I made a bag with outside pockets for color pencils and then I altered a composition book with scrapbook paper and a larger version of the same owl for a journal. Once I got started on this I could not seem to stop. I fabric appliqued the larger owl onto a felt pocket and we inserted watercolors, then I made a sleeve with the print fabric on the outside and bright pink on the inside to slide over a sketch pad and as a finishing touch I made a crayon holder. I have had so much fun making this I sure hope Joelle enjoys it.

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Foam Swords

Foam Noodle Swords

Foam Noodle Swords

Call me crazy but I made swords with pools noodles today for the kids and their friends. We have had minimum days all week due to parent conferences and I have been trying to keep the kids busy for the extra three hours they have at home. The weather has been wonderful so I wanted to get them outside as much as possible after homework was complete so I made these swords using pool noodles, PVC pipe and Felt handles. I already had the PVC and felt at home from a previous projects so all I had to pick up was three noodles and the PVC end caps I made six swords for $7 and 20 minutes, the kids played outside for just about an hour with no one complaining about being hurt. That makes a pretty good day in my book.

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Palm Springs Air Muesum

What a cool plane

What a cool plane, I think Mary is pretty cool too!

On President the kids and I meet Shawna at the Palm Springs Air Museum, what a treat this turned out to be. There were several displays from WWII and some things the kids could climb up on. The docents were wonderful many had served in the military and were filled with information they shared.

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40 Days of Donations


Library Corner

Library Corner



1/2 Way There! Today I have hit the half way point on my journey through 40 days of donations. I have been attempting to clean house by donating all usable items I have that we do not use or need. This is an attempt to not only clear out my clutter but to begin to focus on what we need and a chance to help others with all the additional things we have accumulated. As of today I would estimate I have given away through freecycle 50 groups of things including fabric, a serger and multiple collections of kids craft items. We have donated three boxes of books an a bag of VHS tapes to the library as well as 4 boxes of books to the school book drive. I large stack of magazines went to the hospital. Not only have I felt good about clearing out space so e can live more comfortably in our house it has been great to use these items to help other.   

While I am not finished with my project we are seeing many happy returns already. I have established a library area for the kids in the backroom and we have cleared clutter and excess furniture for both Marc and Mary’s bedrooms.   

I am feeling good about my progress and looking forward to seeing hoe much more we can get rid on in the next 20 days.   

This has nothing to do with crafting or cooking and is not something I really enjoy but I am taking the next 40 days to de-clutter my house and life. I have finally come to realize that I (and my family) have accumulated way, way to much stuff. I have enough craft supplies to keep a school busy for a year. Along with this I have a garage full of fabric and toys no longer used and we even have games that have never been played.   

So effective last night I have begun to clear things out. I will freecycle and donate everything that is usable and I will trash what is not. My goal is to remove 40 bags(or boxes of stuff during the next 40 days.   

I began with a boom yesterday I gave 4 bags away on freecycle and donating 2 bags of shoes to Marc and Mary’s Good News Club, these shoes are headed to Haiti,  and this morning I will be donating a stack of magazines to the hospital and I have already filled a bag with trash. I hope that I am able to keep this up.   

I am feeling drained by all of this clutter and trying to maintain it is depressing aside from that what message am I giving to Marc and Mary? Is it that stuff has value?   


Update day 5 and I have donated  14 bags of stuff, 4 stacks of books and filled a 30 gallon trash can. So far so good, but I am finding that separating items into like groups is time consuming however doing this allows me to freecycle items before taking them to the AmVet thrift store. I have decided that it is worth my time so that individuals and groups can get items that are useful to them thru freecycle. Te trash can was filled if paper trash from the garage and  from plastic storage containers taht are missing either the top or bottom.   

I will spend this morning going through things I have brought in from the garage, my home is to have the backroom organized enough by the end of the weekend that I can set up a sewing and crafting station.   

Wish me luck as I continue this project, which seems overwhelming.

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Valentine Hearts


Peppermint Hearts

Peppermint Hearts

Marc is giving his classmates peppermint chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day. This is a very easy project I learned while teaching a class with Aunt Shawna. I bought the candy canes after Christmas so the price was great.

You set two candy canes together to form a heart and fill with melted candy bark when the cool they all stick together and form a heart.

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Randy’s Tool Box

I made this tool box and garage signs for my brother for Christmas. We drew his name in the family draw and he had requested tools and garage signs without being specific, so this is what I came up with. I made the tool box freehand based on the one carried by Handy Manny I also glued eyes on plastic dollar store tools. Later I found a pattern on Etsy for a felt tool box with tools with the pattern I created additional tools ( The signs I created on quilter’s fabric you run through the printer.

We all got a good laugh when Randy opened the gift. I believe I will be making more of these for gifts, they went together quickly and were very cute. I may even try my hand at creating future patterns for my use.

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Army BDU Tote

I made this small tote bag out of one of my brothers old Army BDU’s. I left the Name tag and Army tag on the bag because it was for my nephew’s new wife. I thought that since my nephew is following in his father’s footsteps his wife might like the bag. After I completed this my brother gave me another set of his old BDU’s (he is now retired for the Army) I plan to turn the second set into a backpack possibly for his grandson who will begin school in September.

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