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Jelly Jar Cups

The last project I put together for Mary’s horse party was jelly jar drinking cups. I used the small oz jelly jars punches a hole in the top with my cropadile and set a 1/4″ grommet in the top to make a nice straw hole. These cups were very simple and very farm like for the parties the girls and their mom’s both love the cups.

Because Mary wanted a horse tea party  broke the party into two parts the tea party and then the horse activities. I set up two separate tables, we begin by having tea, sandwiches and fruit. When the girls were finished they moved to another table to play games. We played, bingo and a sugar cube stack. After this we divided the girls into two teams and had a horse race ,using the hobby horses I made, and Pin-the-tale on the pony. After this the girls sat back down and made bracelets. While the girls were working on their craft we reset the tea-table with horse plates, jelly jar cups filled with the punch, this is where the cup cakes were served at the end of the party. The party was a huge success and the girls had so much fun.

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