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Felt Halloween Book with Taggies

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I have created this felt Halloween book for my adorable nephew who will be visiting me this week. The book is 7 inch square felt with simple designs and embroidered words. I added ribbon taggies to the edge of the pages so he gave grab on or chew on which ever he prefers. The little ghost on the first page comes out and has bells sewn inside to jingle.

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$50 week I went over by $10.40 Total for the month $210.40

I have completed my month of grocery budgeting and I came in over by $ 10.40, I used the extra money to stock up on Cake mix and Brownie Mix at $.49 a box, I bought 20 boxes this will easily last me until the end of the year. I have learned a couple of thing doing this. I can work better if I budget for the month instead of by the week, this will allow me to buy basics in larger quantity such as flour I can buy 25# of flour for $8 instead of 5# for $3, the 25# bag will last me for about 4 months and I will save $7, not a huge savings but add a few like this together and I can easily save a weeks worth of groceries by the end of the year.

Next month I am going to give my self a little extra to help stock the pantry for the holidays I will budget $120 for the month, it is a 4 week month. My hope is to complete a general menu so I can search out items when they go on sale.

I will post a sample monthly menu shortly, I leave some flexibility for specials that I can’t resist.

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