Why I Blog

Crafts and Blogging

I am starting this blog to share the crafts, cooking and money saving ideas I love. I come from a long line of crafters, I vividly remember both of my grandmothers creating things with their hands and I began sewing and cooking along side my mother when I was about 9. I was given a old sewing machine by my grandparents when I was still in elementary school and that began my lifelong love of sewing.

Coming from a large family, I have eight siblings, I learned the importance of being frugal and the value of things made just for me. Family is one of the greatest influences in my life, I have twins and am an Aunt to many. My brothers have all added wonderful  new sisters  to our family many that share my love of crafting. It is this ever growing family which gives me both the sanity and insanity that keeps me going. I hope that you will find some of these ideas useful or that this site might inspire you to create something.

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