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Nascar Felt Tool Box

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This is the felt toolbox I made for a friends Christmas gift. I had made a similar one for my brother last year. I used Nascar print fabric to line the box because this guy works the pits and is a race fan. I have purchased a pattern to make this box and some tools but I find myself drawing the pattern out by hand each time. It is a simple pattern with clean lines I use the idea of “Handy Manny’s” toolbox. For the first time I included a power tool along with the wrench.

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Randy’s Tool Box

I made this tool box and garage signs for my brother for Christmas. We drew his name in the family draw and he had requested tools and garage signs without being specific, so this is what I came up with. I made the tool box freehand based on the one carried by Handy Manny I also glued eyes on plastic dollar store tools. Later I found a pattern on Etsy for a felt tool box with tools with the pattern I created additional tools ( The signs I created on quilter’s fabric you run through the printer.

We all got a good laugh when Randy opened the gift. I believe I will be making more of these for gifts, they went together quickly and were very cute. I may even try my hand at creating future patterns for my use.

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