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Jelly Jar Cups

The last project I put together for Mary’s horse party was jelly jar drinking cups. I used the small oz jelly jars punches a hole in the top with my cropadile and set a 1/4″ grommet in the top to make a nice straw hole. These cups were very simple and very farm like for the parties the girls and their mom’s both love the cups.

Because Mary wanted a horse tea party  broke the party into two parts the tea party and then the horse activities. I set up two separate tables, we begin by having tea, sandwiches and fruit. When the girls were finished they moved to another table to play games. We played, bingo and a sugar cube stack. After this we divided the girls into two teams and had a horse race ,using the hobby horses I made, and Pin-the-tale on the pony. After this the girls sat back down and made bracelets. While the girls were working on their craft we reset the tea-table with horse plates, jelly jar cups filled with the punch, this is where the cup cakes were served at the end of the party. The party was a huge success and the girls had so much fun.

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Hobby Horse

I spent some time today making a hobby horse for Mary’s party. This was such an easy project and was completed in about 1 hour, though I had to take breaks to take the kids to the movies and to cook dinner. Imagine how much I could get done if I had my elf Clarence back.

I am making these so we can have a horse race at the party, it may seem that the girls are a little old for this kids of toy but Mary assures me it will be cool and I am not in a hurry to make the kids grow up any faster than necessary. If everything works out well I should have a whole herd of these wild horse by next weekend.

I made this one from upholstery fabric that was on sale for $3 a yard and it looks like the yard will make three horses.

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Cricut Expression

Wow! Sheila came up yesterday and we spent the day playing with her new Cricut Expression (a Christmas gift). This was something we had looked at for the last year but with me unemployed it was not something I was prepared to buy.  I made name tags to add to the purses for Mary’s upcoming party and cute ribbons for the girls who win the games. I thought the ribbons for a horse party were perfect.This machine is awesome and Sheila was wonderful enough to leave it with me to play some more. I can wait to see what else I can create.

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Cloth Covered Balloons

Before the holidays I ordered a couple of cloth-covered balloon balls on Etsy, I was impressed with how well they worked, we had a lot of fun playing with the balls indoor and they were so light nothing was broken. The fabric added just enough weight to the balloon to offer you control over where the ball went. I decided that I wanted to make some so here is the one I completed today. I made the cloth-covered balloon ball for Mary’s party, I am going to make one for each of the goody bags.One down 8 more to go.

I created a pattern based on a cloth ball I had made but here are a couple of sites that offer free patterns if you want to try this.

Both of these sites offer the pattern free for personal use, the pattern is not available for you to resale. As a crafter myself I feel it is important honor the copyrights of others.

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Horse Party

I am working on things for my daughter’s upcoming birthday she has decided to combine two of her most favorite things horses and  tea parties so it is up to me to make it happen. Because I enjoy sewing and crafting I am making several things for her party. I have also placed an order with Oriental Trading Company, I find their items to be reasonable and I can almost always get free shipping which I consider a must when ordering online. Here are a few of the items I have created so far. I will post more before her party at the end of the month.

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