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Edward’s Toybox

I have decided to keep a running post of the new toys I make for Edward here are my newest additions (per request from Nikki) Hand Puppets Mortimer the Mouse and Mickey Monkey. I hope to have several more before my trip to Arizona in April. This two are being sent in the mail today that will arrive next week enjoy your playtime.                                                                    
Mortimer the Mouse and Mickey Monkey

Mortimer the Mouse and Mickey Monkey


E is for Edward – Ribbon Blanket

Edwards Ribbon Blanket
Edwards Ribbon Blanket

I made this ribbon blanket for Edward, they are made commercially by “Taggies” and are designed to keep a child’s interest by the different textures of the ribbons. If this is the hot infant toy and it is super easy to make you can bet I will have one for Edward. 

One side of this blanket has bright stripes and the other has adorable elephants. I personalized the blanket just for our little guy. I actually made two because the “Taggie” website recommends having a spare because children become so attached that losing one at bedtime might be a challenge, not a bad company recommendation when the 12″ blanket sells for around $20. 

It is sure fun having a new baby in the family and parents who welcome my little crafts. I hope Edward will enjoy his new blankie. 

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Another Crafty Woman

Baby Gown

Baby Gown


Not only do I come from a long line of crafty women but I have been blessed by my brothers bringing equally amazing women into our family. Two of them are crafters and live close enough that we can share some of our fun. Here are samples of my sister Karen’s work. She is celebrating the pending birth of her first granddaughter.  

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Western Baby Duds

Western Bibs

Denim, flannel and bandana bibs


I have just finished making a bunch of baby items for a little girl and now I am focused and things for a baby boy. All of this is western using several different fun prints. As a short cut I have been using my serger with complementing thread, this saves me the time of turning under and ironing the edges before sewing them. Just today I was able to complete 2 blankets, 2 bibs, 2 burp cloths and a changing pad. All of this plus the normal things like dinner and homework help. 

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One Amazing Crafter

As I stated in my legacy blog, I come from a long line of crafty women with both of my grandmothers being very handy. Here is one of the crafters I admire most, my mother. I began sewing and cooking with my mom when I was still in elementary school and although she had to give up sewing several years ago due to the loss of her eyesight she has continued to knit.  Here she is knitting a baby blanket for what will be her newest great-granddaughter. 

My mother is totally blind and knits using braille and recorded patterns.  I have yet to learn to knit or crochet so this is an art form I am in awe of and I  am truly amazed by the way she is able to count her stitches and can even recognize when she has dropped stitch.

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Ariel Bag


I just completed this awesome new bag   

Ariel Bag

Ariel Bag, notice the two clips


 it has lots of pockets and two clips on the front to attach a cellphone, keys or maybe even a bag of pacifiers.,I am not sure what to do with it this bag. It is a little large for a purse. It might work well for a beach bag for one. I am open to suggestion from anyone.

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Baby Ring Sling

I have just completed making a baby sling for Kasey it was on his wish list of baby thing he wanted. The pattern was amazingly easy 2 1/2 yards of fabric( cut in half the long direction) and 2- 3″ rings. 

I lined the sling, but the sling is often made without the lining. All I did was sew the two fabrics right sides together the long way then cut one end down to a point and sew the point closed. I then turn the fabric so the right sides were out and pleated the open end down to about 5 inches, I then folded over the pleated end and threaded the two rings through before I stitched the end down. I now have a completed sling. 

Baby Ring Sling

Baby Ring Sling

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Mickey Wipe Case

Here is a cute custom wipe box for the first family member to comment on this post.

I used Mickey fabric for the Disney fans we have, but if you would like a different print just let me know.

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More Burp Cloths

I just finished another batch of Burp Rags these I listed on my ETSY site since Nikki has been given me so many kudos recently.

These adorable burp rags have cheerful pattern of turtles and dots are 100% cotton prewashed for shrinkage and softness and lined with warm and natural batting. Each one has the print on one side and solid color flannel on the back. Contoured and measuring approx. 21″ by 10″ they provide ample coverage for even the big messes. The edges have been cut and frayed, they will get better looking with each wash.

I just layed the flannel and batting out together and cut a rectangle then I contoured in the sides. I stitched together using a wide seam allowance and made little cuts along the seam allowance to allow for the fraying. I am very pleased with the way they turned out.

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Manly Diaper Bag

I made this bag for my brother Kasey when he found out his family was expecting a new addition. Kasey is a stay at home father and I felt he would enjoy a bag made for him and not the standard girly or babyish diaper bag. I got one of his favorite t-shirts with a wolf design (the shirt had a hole that made it unwearable) I repurposed the shirt using heavyweight interfacing for stiffness. The I fashioned the bag to resemble a messenger bag adding lots of pockets inside to accomodate all the necessary baby items. Outside I added a water bottle sleeve and a zippered pocket for his wallet or cell phone. I think it turned our very well and I get credit for recycling.

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Burp Rag and Bassinet Sheet

I made these adorable burp rags and bassinet sheets for my newest nephew Edward, they were hand delivered last week while I was in Phoenix. I love having a new baby in the family and I very much appreciate that his parents are open to the hand crafted items I make.

It is wonderful to come from a family of crafters you never know what cute project will turn up next. Most of my projects involve sewing, papercrafting or cooking however my mother knits and I have sisters who crochet(something I would love to learn) so together we are able to tackle just about anything out there.

The burp rag  is contoured to fit easily over the shoulder and the ends were cut to add a frayed look, which gets better with each washing. I used cotton sheeting or flannel on top and bottom then lined the burp rag with warm and natural batting making it washable and absorbent.

The sheets are made like a pillow case with velcro closure to kep them closed. I find this design stays in place  better than a standard sheet because the mattresses are so thin. My mother recommended this design to me years ago when my girlfriend Sheila became a mom.


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