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Fleece Hats for the Holidays

Adorable Niece in Owl HatIMG_2169

This was made for a Christmas gift last year, I had a niece who requested a fleece owl hat so I purchased a pattern from,d.cGE

and set off making hats, I was not sure which color she would like best so I gave her both and she loved them equally. She was wearing one when I saw her on Christmas day. This pattern was so easy to make and the fleece is super simpe to work with. After making the owls I found altering the pattern to make other animals quite easy. I ending up making a few bears, a racoon, fox and cat.


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Felt Happy Meal

Burgerfelt lunchBurger mealFelt Happy MealI have had so much fun making felt food over the last year and now I have decided it is time to get back to blogging so I will start with a Happy Meal I made for two little girls birthdays. I made one happy meal with a burger and the other with chicken nuggets. This was a very fun project and I did not use patterns for most of the items I just looked online at several tutorials and used their ideas for a reference. The french fries were by far the most time consuming part of the project. It is amazing how many fries fit into the tiny fry box. Along with the Happy meals I also made apple pies. Once I finished the food I went to my local Mc Donald’s and they generously gave me the fry and pie boxes. To complete this gift I included a gift card so each of the girls could enjoy a Happy Meal for lunch to go along with their felt toy. This project was so much fun it has sent me a little crazy with felt food creations. I will post more soon.

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Coraline Gifts

I help a young man organize and decorate for his 11th birthday. He loves Coraline and chose the movie as the base for his party. Along with the decorations which I will post later I made a few gifts for him.

I made him a small messenger tote with images from the movie printed on it. I found the images online and printed them on fabric from JoAnn’s that you can run through your printer ( ). I than used this fabric and sew it on the bag as pockets, I even made a small pocket for this electronics.

Along with the bag I made him two notes books, one was a composition book and the other a smaller note-book. Once again I found images online and this time I printed the on cardstock and used them along with coordinating scrapbook paper to create the notebooks. I was very pleased with how the gifts came out. I added an aluminum water bottle in Coraline blue to the bag to complete the gift.

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Valentine’s Day Crafts

As most of you know things are tight financially around my house, time seems to be the one resource I have extra. I have been thinking about a way to make Valentine’s Day special without spending money. I made a pennant banner for the kid’s birthday and found it very addictive so I have made another one for Valentine’s Day and along with the banner I made felt envelopes that attached to our chairs at the table. Each person will write a note to all of the family members about things the love in each other from now until Valentine’s Day and on Valentine”s Day we will get to read all of the notes. I think this along with a nice dinner should make the day very special. Maybe I will even attempt to make felt roses for the table.

I love being able to search online for ideas, one of my favorite sites recently is

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Cricut Tote Bag and Matching Cartridge Bag

Cricut Tote Bag and Matching Cartridge Bag

Cricut Tote Bag and Matching Cartridge Bag

As a Christmas present for my dear friend I created a tote bag for her Cricut Expression® machine. I got her to leave the machine with me and I measured it out adding 1 inch seam allowances all around then I lined the bag with cotton Warm and Natural for protection. For additional support to the machine I made cotton handle straps that go completely around the bag. The zipper goes completely across the top of the bag and one side of the bag opens on one side with velcro for easy access.

Cricut Expression®Tote

Cricut Expression®Tote

To go with this bag I made another matching tote which holds her cartridges. She prefers to keep the cartridges in their original boxes so the tote holds all of her boxes with a little extra room for new additions. Because some of the cartridges do not come with boxes I reused old plastic VHS cases to hold these.

I am very happy with the completed project.

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The new generation of crafters- Iris

Iris sewing

Iris making working on her first sewing project

I have been blessed with a student to teach crafting to. This wonderful young lady expressed an eagerness to sewing and I willingly volunteered to be her teacher. I have had the opportunity to work with Iris the last few weeks on sewing projects, she has already made a shirt, pajama bottoms and a skirt. We have worked with basic patterns so each week when she comes over we are able to cut and sew a complete project before her mom picks her up. I am sure I am enjoying our time together at least as much as Iris and it is wonderful to see a new generation enjoying sewing and crafting. Last week instead of sewing we made journal books together with Mary and Sheila. We used composition books then covered them with scrapbook paper and completed the projects with closures either ribbon ties or elastic applied through grommets which were set in using a cropodile. I am very proud of how they turned out.

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Bean Bags – Craft Hope Project for Liberia

I have had the wonderful opportunity to sew bean bags for orphans in Liberia through Craft Hope,, an orginization which allows crafters around the world to help others in need. These bean bags will go to LOEP,,  and be used by teachers in Liberia.

I found working on this project a blessing, the instructions called for the bags to be filled with pellets, aquarium gravel or other non food items because of the hunger and climate found in Liberia. I now fill more blessed than ever to provide food to my children daily and, I am grateful to live in a country where beans and rice are cheaper than aquarium gravel. I would guess that very few in Liberia would consider paying for rocks.

I am eagerly looking forward to the next project from Craft Hope.

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