Army BDU Tote

I made this small tote bag out of one of my brothers old Army BDU’s. I left the Name tag and Army tag on the bag because it was for my nephew’s new wife. I thought that since my nephew is following in his father’s footsteps his wife might like the bag. After I completed this my brother gave me another set of his old BDU’s (he is now retired for the Army) I plan to turn the second set into a backpack possibly for his grandson who will begin school in September.

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    Sarah said,

    I think this is AMAZING. My father just handed me down a ton of his old BDU’s and i would love to do what you did. I love the number and size of the pockets too! Makes things all the easier to find!

    Is there anyway you can give a quick tutorial on how you made that. Its the exact style I’ve been looking for but I’m not skilled enough yet to make patterns off of pictures 😦


  2. 2

    I will try to have a tutorial up by Friday.

  3. 3

    Steph said,

    I would loveeee to know how to make this.

  4. 4

    Steph. said,

    I would love to know how to make this. Could you please email me the tutorial?
    Thank you!

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