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Coraline Gifts

I help a young man organize and decorate for his 11th birthday. He loves Coraline and chose the movie as the base for his party. Along with the decorations which I will post later I made a few gifts for him.

I made him a small messenger tote with images from the movie printed on it. I found the images online and printed them on fabric from JoAnn’s that you can run through your printer ( ). I than used this fabric and sew it on the bag as pockets, I even made a small pocket for this electronics.

Along with the bag I made him two notes books, one was a composition book and the other a smaller note-book. Once again I found images online and this time I printed the on cardstock and used them along with coordinating scrapbook paper to create the notebooks. I was very pleased with how the gifts came out. I added an aluminum water bottle in Coraline blue to the bag to complete the gift.

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The new generation of crafters- Iris

Iris sewing

Iris making working on her first sewing project

I have been blessed with a student to teach crafting to. This wonderful young lady expressed an eagerness to sewing and I willingly volunteered to be her teacher. I have had the opportunity to work with Iris the last few weeks on sewing projects, she has already made a shirt, pajama bottoms and a skirt. We have worked with basic patterns so each week when she comes over we are able to cut and sew a complete project before her mom picks her up. I am sure I am enjoying our time together at least as much as Iris and it is wonderful to see a new generation enjoying sewing and crafting. Last week instead of sewing we made journal books together with Mary and Sheila. We used composition books then covered them with scrapbook paper and completed the projects with closures either ribbon ties or elastic applied through grommets which were set in using a cropodile. I am very proud of how they turned out.

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Journal Books

Today is a rainy day so I have bummed around all day in my pajamas and looking for a project I could do without leaving the house for supplies.

Here are three journal books I created today using standard composition books I purchased during back to school when they were .25. I used scrapbook paper I had in my collection. To give the books an aged look I sanded and inked the edges and on some of the books I have torn paper that is inked. The books are finished with trim and stickers.

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