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Kids clothes week challenge

Jumper for Edward

Jumper for Edward

I have been inspired by another blog,, to spend time every day next week making children’s clothes.  There is no prize involved her however it should give me the motivation I need to complete some projects I am altering for Mary, and possible work on a couple of new baby projects for Edward and Rosie.

The challenge during the second week of May, is to spend  at least 1 hour every day working on children’s clothing, while I will be sewing I imagine that those with other talents could knit or crochet. It is my hope that by the end of the week I will have completed 3 tops I am currently altering for Mary and one new top that I am upcycling from a  shirt.

I will post pictures as I begin this project next week

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Bean Bags – Craft Hope Project for Liberia

I have had the wonderful opportunity to sew bean bags for orphans in Liberia through Craft Hope,, an orginization which allows crafters around the world to help others in need. These bean bags will go to LOEP,,  and be used by teachers in Liberia.

I found working on this project a blessing, the instructions called for the bags to be filled with pellets, aquarium gravel or other non food items because of the hunger and climate found in Liberia. I now fill more blessed than ever to provide food to my children daily and, I am grateful to live in a country where beans and rice are cheaper than aquarium gravel. I would guess that very few in Liberia would consider paying for rocks.

I am eagerly looking forward to the next project from Craft Hope.

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