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Coraline Gifts

I help a young man organize and decorate for his 11th birthday. He loves Coraline and chose the movie as the base for his party. Along with the decorations which I will post later I made a few gifts for him.

I made him a small messenger tote with images from the movie printed on it. I found the images online and printed them on fabric from JoAnn’s that you can run through your printer ( ). I than used this fabric and sew it on the bag as pockets, I even made a small pocket for this electronics.

Along with the bag I made him two notes books, one was a composition book and the other a smaller note-book. Once again I found images online and this time I printed the on cardstock and used them along with coordinating scrapbook paper to create the notebooks. I was very pleased with how the gifts came out. I added an aluminum water bottle in Coraline blue to the bag to complete the gift.

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Cricut Tote Bag and Matching Cartridge Bag

Cricut Tote Bag and Matching Cartridge Bag

Cricut Tote Bag and Matching Cartridge Bag

As a Christmas present for my dear friend I created a tote bag for her Cricut Expression® machine. I got her to leave the machine with me and I measured it out adding 1 inch seam allowances all around then I lined the bag with cotton Warm and Natural for protection. For additional support to the machine I made cotton handle straps that go completely around the bag. The zipper goes completely across the top of the bag and one side of the bag opens on one side with velcro for easy access.

Cricut Expression®Tote

Cricut Expression®Tote

To go with this bag I made another matching tote which holds her cartridges. She prefers to keep the cartridges in their original boxes so the tote holds all of her boxes with a little extra room for new additions. Because some of the cartridges do not come with boxes I reused old plastic VHS cases to hold these.

I am very happy with the completed project.

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BDU Tote Tutorial

I will attempt my first tutorial, I made a tote using one of my brothers old BDU’s for his wife. I hope the steps are clear enough for a novice to follow.

1.Cut the shirt apart along all of the seams you will now have 4 usable pieces a front, a back and two sleeves. For this bag I only used the top of the front and back, for a larger tote or diaper bag you could add in part of the sleeves and use more from the front and back of the shirt.

2. Remove the buttons from the shirt front and pockets, this will allow everything to lay flatter and the pocket buttons are a bear to open and close.

3. Trim the front of the shirt to a rectangle 16 1/2 x 12 1/2 leaving the top two pockets. This will be the front of you bag. Cut another rectangle of the same size from the shirt back.

4. Sew the front button flap closed.

5. Sew sides and bottom together ,right sides facing inside using a 1/2 ” seam. This will place your seams on the inside of the completed bag.

6. Cut a 1″ square from the two bottom corners.

7. pin and sew bottom corners matching seams.

8. Turn bag right side out. You have now completed the outside of your bag.

9. Cut lining Two 16 1/2″ x 12 1/2″

Cut Pockets Two 16 1/2 x 18″

reinforce the pocket with a 16 1/2″ x 9″ pieces of medium weight interfacing.

10. Fold pocket piece over the interfacing and you will have a two 9″ x 16 1/2″ pieces.

11.Sew the pocket pieced across the bottom 1 1/2″ up from the bottom of each lining piece.

12. Mark off 5″ from the right and left of each pocket, make a vertical seam on this line. This will divide your pockets into 3 parts.

13 Repeat steps 5,6 and 7. You have now completed the inside lining with pockets.

14. Cut two 36″ long piece of nylon webbing ( these will be your handles).

15. Pin the handles in 2″ from each side.

15. Pin inside and outside together and sew leaving a 6″ opening for tuning the bag.

16. Turn the bag right side out and stitch the opening closed. You have now completed your bag. You can add a zipper or velcro across the top to close if desired.

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Hoo-o-o’s Birthday

Complete set
Complete set

Mary is going to a birthday party and we were at a loss as to what to give as a gift, when I mentioned an art bag Mary got very excited so here is what I created. I found this great fabric with owls. The pattern is bright green and pink very girly. I made a bag with outside pockets for color pencils and then I altered a composition book with scrapbook paper and a larger version of the same owl for a journal. Once I got started on this I could not seem to stop. I fabric appliqued the larger owl onto a felt pocket and we inserted watercolors, then I made a sleeve with the print fabric on the outside and bright pink on the inside to slide over a sketch pad and as a finishing touch I made a crayon holder. I have had so much fun making this I sure hope Joelle enjoys it.

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Upcycling a Shirt to a Purse

Here is a small purse that I made from a shirt and pair of jeans Mary had outgrown, I kept the front buttons and shirt pockets intact for the cute appearance, the pockets are even large enough to hold most cell phones for easy access.I lined the inside with denim from the outgrown pair of jeans and used additional shirt fabric for inside pockets. I am a believer that a purse cannot have to many pockets.

The bamboo handle was purchsed at Joann’s

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Manly Diaper Bag

I made this bag for my brother Kasey when he found out his family was expecting a new addition. Kasey is a stay at home father and I felt he would enjoy a bag made for him and not the standard girly or babyish diaper bag. I got one of his favorite t-shirts with a wolf design (the shirt had a hole that made it unwearable) I repurposed the shirt using heavyweight interfacing for stiffness. The I fashioned the bag to resemble a messenger bag adding lots of pockets inside to accomodate all the necessary baby items. Outside I added a water bottle sleeve and a zippered pocket for his wallet or cell phone. I think it turned our very well and I get credit for recycling.

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Army BDU Tote

I made this small tote bag out of one of my brothers old Army BDU’s. I left the Name tag and Army tag on the bag because it was for my nephew’s new wife. I thought that since my nephew is following in his father’s footsteps his wife might like the bag. After I completed this my brother gave me another set of his old BDU’s (he is now retired for the Army) I plan to turn the second set into a backpack possibly for his grandson who will begin school in September.

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