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A New Bag for Mom

Mom's new Purse
Mom’s new Purse

I have completed a new bag for Mom Karen told me Mom had pretty much grown out of te bag she has been carrying so I volunteered to make one while I was visiting at Christmas. I got Mom to tell me how many pockets and what kind of extras she wanted. I have put off making this because I knew there was no hurry¬†but now that I will be visiting next week. I knew I had to get the bag done or Mom may not let me in. The bag is approx. 9″ x 9″ with a 3″bottom. It has a 6″ square pocket on the front and two pockets on the back. Inside there are 4 additional pockets to help keep everything organized. To complete the bag I attached a hook for her keys and adorable pictures of my kids.

I hope mom is able to use this bag. See you all soon.

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