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Feed a Family of 4 for $50 a week

I am going to challenge myself once again, as anyone who knows me knows I  have more time than money. I have been inspired by a blog and if she can feed her family of 10 for $75 a week I think I can do this with my much smaller family for $50 a week. Insight for those of you who do not know me personally I have 11-year-old twins who are not big eaters, but require a constant stream of snacks and meals and the love of my life whose favorite question to me is “what is there to eat?” With this in mind I will be doing my grocery shopping for the next 30 days using cash only to help me stay on track. I will record on this blog my shopping successes and meals.

My family is not overly health conscious but I do try to balance what we eat with fruits and veggies, I am blessed with kids who will eat almost anything I make. This challenge will require that I make most snacks and desserts rather than relying on store-bought goodies. The kids will have $8 each for the month to buy snacks if they choose.

Today I baked brownie bars with mix I had, these will be used for tonight’s dessert and for lunches tomorrow. For dinner I used leftover Mexican Chicken and refried beans to make Flautas and Chimichangas everything used today came from stock I already had.

I have prepared a menu and scouted the grocery adds that just came in I will probably make my first trip to the store tomorrow to get needed items to complete my menu. Along with rations my food dollars I will try to reduce my gas consumption to $60 for the month, this will require planning as I drive a large vehicle that get 14 miles to the gallon. Follow me along on this journey and wish me luck. I will be blessed by your comments and if you find something you can use it the blogging my blessing will be two-fold.

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