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Burp Rag and Bassinet Sheet

I made these adorable burp rags and bassinet sheets for my newest nephew Edward, they were hand delivered last week while I was in Phoenix. I love having a new baby in the family and I very much appreciate that his parents are open to the hand crafted items I make.

It is wonderful to come from a family of crafters you never know what cute project will turn up next. Most of my projects involve sewing, papercrafting or cooking however my mother knits and I have sisters who crochet(something I would love to learn) so together we are able to tackle just about anything out there.

The burp rag  is contoured to fit easily over the shoulder and the ends were cut to add a frayed look, which gets better with each washing. I used cotton sheeting or flannel on top and bottom then lined the burp rag with warm and natural batting making it washable and absorbent.

The sheets are made like a pillow case with velcro closure to kep them closed. I find this design stays in place  better than a standard sheet because the mattresses are so thin. My mother recommended this design to me years ago when my girlfriend Sheila became a mom.


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