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Helping Others / Craft Hope Project 12

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I am once again joining Craft Hope to reach out to others This project is making bracelets for orphans in Russia.

How easy is it to make a bracelet? I had some visitors over and put them to work helping out. We made these with the many beads I have, hopefully we will be able to make several more before these get mailed. I am even looking at other types to make.

You can join in as well.

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Coraline Gifts

I help a young man organize and decorate for his 11th birthday. He loves Coraline and chose the movie as the base for his party. Along with the decorations which I will post later I made a few gifts for him.

I made him a small messenger tote with images from the movie printed on it. I found the images online and printed them on fabric from JoAnn’s that you can run through your printer ( ). I than used this fabric and sew it on the bag as pockets, I even made a small pocket for this electronics.

Along with the bag I made him two notes books, one was a composition book and the other a smaller note-book. Once again I found images online and this time I printed the on cardstock and used them along with coordinating scrapbook paper to create the notebooks. I was very pleased with how the gifts came out. I added an aluminum water bottle in Coraline blue to the bag to complete the gift.

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