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Movie Night Party – A 2 Thumbs Up Hit

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Marc and Mary’s Movie Night was a complete success both on the budget and the fun that was had.I had a great time spending the week making decorations using many of the things I had on hand. Each child was told to arrive with their ticket(invitation) which was than traded for 4 one dollar bills (play money) to be used when buying movie treats. After dinner of hot dogs, chips, fruit,  veggie and punch a drawing wa held. The movie tickets were entered into a drawing in which each child one a chance to pick a prize from our prize box.

After the prizes were selected the children lined up for a turn at the concession stand where they were given to opportunity to buy treats, all treats were a $1 a piece allowing each child to select 4. The concession stand offered soda, popcorn, and snack size candies. Once the snacks were purchased everyone sat down to watch the animated movie ” Alpha and Omega” after the movie we had the cake. Presents were opened and each child was sent home with a bag of chocolate covered popcorn.

Both Marc and Mary have said this was their best birthday ever. I think it was so successful because they were very involved in the set up and only close friends were at the party. In the past we have had larger groups of guests inviting their classmates not all of who relate well.

Tissue Paper for flowers – $2

Trays for concession stand 4/$1

Paper plates, napkins and cups -$4

Copies for tickets, money and labels – $4

Fiber optic lights – free ( left over from a previous party)

Film Strip picture frames – free (used frames we already had)

Fabric Banner – free (made from fabric and ribbon on hand)

Movie – Free ( part of our $7.99 Netflix membership)

Total Cost without food = $11

experience to last a lifetime = priceless

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More Movie Night Projects

With just a day left before the party, I am finishing up decorations and activities. I have made a banner, the kids asked that I put “Movie Night” on it rather than Happy Birthday so we could have more movie nights in the coming months. I have made a sign to turn my kitchen doorway into a concession stand, and I have printed out play money and a wolf coloring page and maze to go with the movie “Alpha and Omega”.

I am happy with how easily this is going together I think I have spent way to much time planning in the past, or maybe all of my experience is paying off and I am getting quicker with the ideas.

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Another project ready for Movie Night


Chip and Popcorn Bags

Chip and Popcorn Bags



I have completed the chip and popcorn bags for the Movie Night Party, I am using Red and Black as the primary colors accented with bright yellow. To make these bags I simple cut white lunch bags down to the size I wanted then I pinked and shaped the edges folding the bottom up in the back and applying a label crested in Microsoft Word using the Oval shape. I am very happy with how these turned out. I have had a trying time making the decorations because I caught a cold and having difficulty staying focused.

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A Birthday party in the Making

I have just started on the M&M’s birthday party, I know running really late this year. The kids were not sure they wanted a party until the last-minute so we have agreed to just having a few friends over for a movie night. The invitations have been sent and now I am challenged to look around the house and see what I can find on hand. With finances the way the are I am committed to keeping the expense to a minimum and using what I have around the house.

Now those of you who know me know that I have way too many crafts supplies, lets see if I can use some of them up. I have started with some film strip picture frames, we purchased these at IKEA several years ago and never used them( I am not quite sure how they survived last years major purge, but I am now glad they did) I let Mary dig through or many envelopes of pictures and find enough to fill all of the frames, I think they look nice. Next I dug out some fabric and a couple of Blockbuster snack boxes I have been saving. I can’t wait to see how this all comes together. I only have four days and I have told the kids to look for new decoration each day when they arrive home from school, I will put up the decorations as I finish them dragging the birthday celebration out for the whole week. I will post as more is completed.

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