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Western Baby Duds

Western Bibs

Denim, flannel and bandana bibs


I have just finished making a bunch of baby items for a little girl and now I am focused and things for a baby boy. All of this is western using several different fun prints. As a short cut I have been using my serger with complementing thread, this saves me the time of turning under and ironing the edges before sewing them. Just today I was able to complete 2 blankets, 2 bibs, 2 burp cloths and a changing pad. All of this plus the normal things like dinner and homework help. 

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Blankets for a cause

Blankets for the Binky Patrol


I have completed 8 blankets for the Upland Binky Patrol, this is an organization that provides blankets to Homeless, Foster children, and patients in need of comfort. This organization provided a blanket to my Mother-in-Law when she was under going chemo. The family selected this as our Disney give a day get a day project. 

Before this I had not attempted the fleece blankets preferring to sew, I found the fleece blankets very easy although somewhat monotonous with all the cutting and tying. I have made 6 fleece blankets and sewn two baby quilt which will more than meet our obligation, however I am getting into this so I will probably make a few more blankets it is for a good cause and I have more fabric then I need. I have decided that she who dies with the most fabric does not win, the winner is she who does the most good with her fabric so I am seeking our ways to help others with the resources and skills I have. 

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