$50 week I went over by $10.40 Total for the month $210.40

I have completed my month of grocery budgeting and I came in over by $ 10.40, I used the extra money to stock up on Cake mix and Brownie Mix at $.49 a box, I bought 20 boxes this will easily last me until the end of the year. I have learned a couple of thing doing this. I can work better if I budget for the month instead of by the week, this will allow me to buy basics in larger quantity such as flour I can buy 25# of flour for $8 instead of 5# for $3, the 25# bag will last me for about 4 months and I will save $7, not a huge savings but add a few like this together and I can easily save a weeks worth of groceries by the end of the year.

Next month I am going to give my self a little extra to help stock the pantry for the holidays I will budget $120 for the month, it is a 4 week month. My hope is to complete a general menu so I can search out items when they go on sale.

I will post a sample monthly menu shortly, I leave some flexibility for specials that I can’t resist.

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    Nikki said,

    That is just awesome Kim. Great job! Isn’t it amazing what you can do when you have a plan? Thanks again for the wonderful recipes you shared with us through this. My taste-buds sure appreciate you!

  2. 2

    Pops said,

    Hi Kid,
    Congratulations, It might help you if you bear in mind that a month averages 4 1/3 weeks and not 4 weeks. Your concept of budgeting by the month is easier to work with with than doing it weekly. I just finished making another batch of laundry soap, this stuff works great, thanks.

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