Edward’s Toybox

I have decided to keep a running post of the new toys I make for Edward here are my newest additions (per request from Nikki) Hand Puppets Mortimer the Mouse and Mickey Monkey. I hope to have several more before my trip to Arizona in April. This two are being sent in the mail today that will arrive next week enjoy your playtime.                                                                    
Mortimer the Mouse and Mickey Monkey

Mortimer the Mouse and Mickey Monkey


E is for Edward – Ribbon Blanket

Edwards Ribbon Blanket
Edwards Ribbon Blanket

I made this ribbon blanket for Edward, they are made commercially by “Taggies” and are designed to keep a child’s interest by the different textures of the ribbons. If this is the hot infant toy and it is super easy to make you can bet I will have one for Edward. 

One side of this blanket has bright stripes and the other has adorable elephants. I personalized the blanket just for our little guy. I actually made two because the “Taggie” website recommends having a spare because children become so attached that losing one at bedtime might be a challenge, not a bad company recommendation when the 12″ blanket sells for around $20. 

It is sure fun having a new baby in the family and parents who welcome my little crafts. I hope Edward will enjoy his new blankie. 

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  1. 1

    Nikki said,

    Oooohhhh!! Edward is such a blankie kid! He loves to have something to grab onto and snuggle up with. I see this becoming a staple at my house, and it looks just awesome!

    I love having a sister who likes to make adorable and functional stuff for my little one.

    Thanks Kim!!

  2. 2

    Nikki said,

    All I can say is WOW! I love those soooo much!!

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