Blankets for a cause

Blankets for the Binky Patrol


I have completed 8 blankets for the Upland Binky Patrol, this is an organization that provides blankets to Homeless, Foster children, and patients in need of comfort. This organization provided a blanket to my Mother-in-Law when she was under going chemo. The family selected this as our Disney give a day get a day project. 

Before this I had not attempted the fleece blankets preferring to sew, I found the fleece blankets very easy although somewhat monotonous with all the cutting and tying. I have made 6 fleece blankets and sewn two baby quilt which will more than meet our obligation, however I am getting into this so I will probably make a few more blankets it is for a good cause and I have more fabric then I need. I have decided that she who dies with the most fabric does not win, the winner is she who does the most good with her fabric so I am seeking our ways to help others with the resources and skills I have. 

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    Kasey said,

    The blankets are awesome.. they are for such a good cause..

  2. 2

    Nikki said,

    Thanks for the great idea! I was looking for something like this for our Give A Day project. I found Project Linus here in the valley, which makes blankets for children who are sick or in crisis, and signed up to make blankets.

    Like you I’ll make more than we need to, but it at least gets me started making things for a good cause.

    Congrats on realizing she who dies with the most fabric doesn’t win. I’m not there yet with my yarn . . still collecting more than I use. 🙂

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