Baby Ring Sling

I have just completed making a baby sling for Kasey it was on his wish list of baby thing he wanted. The pattern was amazingly easy 2 1/2 yards of fabric( cut in half the long direction) and 2- 3″ rings. 

I lined the sling, but the sling is often made without the lining. All I did was sew the two fabrics right sides together the long way then cut one end down to a point and sew the point closed. I then turn the fabric so the right sides were out and pleated the open end down to about 5 inches, I then folded over the pleated end and threaded the two rings through before I stitched the end down. I now have a completed sling. 

Baby Ring Sling

Baby Ring Sling

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    Nikki said,

    Ooohhh! Kasey and I are both very excited about this one. Kasey’s hoping to be able to use it during the day with Edward, who absolutely loves to be held. I have no doubt that it will get lots of love and use. 🙂 Thanks again for all the wonderful things you make.

    • 2

      You are welcome. I am happy to be sewing these.
      I carried a 10 lb bags of potatoes around in it and was suprised at how comfortable it was. I do realize that Edward is much more valuable than my produce, but that was all I had to judge the weight.

      • 3

        Nikki said,

        That made me laugh! It would be a great judge of weight, since he is just under 12 pounds. I’ll bet our peanut wiggles more than your potatoes did. 🙂

  2. 4

    Kasey said,

    Awesome looking.. and if somehow those potatoes do move around more then Edward… I dont want to know or see them.. hehe

  3. 5

    Pops said,

    I like the sling, but it doesn’t look big enough to hold Kasey

  4. 7

    Nikki said,

    Just so you know, there is a picture (or two) of this sling with Edward in it that I just posted. You can see it here:

    Works great!

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