Journal Books

Today is a rainy day so I have bummed around all day in my pajamas and looking for a project I could do without leaving the house for supplies.

Here are three journal books I created today using standard composition books I purchased during back to school when they were .25. I used scrapbook paper I had in my collection. To give the books an aged look I sanded and inked the edges and on some of the books I have torn paper that is inked. The books are finished with trim and stickers.

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  1. 1

    Daryl said,

    I am reading the blog do I win the journal books?

  2. 2

    Daryl said,

    I want them all honey…sugarbear….baby

  3. 3

    Pops said,

    I do look at your blog, but save the books for the others

  4. 5

    Kasey said,

    Nice journals… and I read blog yes yes I do.. and well I know of a little girl of ours who would love the Monkey.. so if noone else claimed it.. that is the one.. thanks

  5. 8

    Nikki said,

    Uh oh . . now we’re going to have to commission Kim to make one for the other little girl as well. Amazing how complicated things get. Then again, you already know how doing things for two can do that, don’t you?

  6. 10

    Josh koon said,

    My wife would like the ariel notebook. if no one els has claimed it. plz

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