My Crafting Legacy

I have crafting in my blood, my earliest memories are of things made for me by my grandmothers and my mother. My Grammie (Mom’s mother) sewed, painted and decorated cakes. I remember my mother telling me of a birthday party where she turned the  backyard into a carnival complete with tickets for the games and a ticket booth to enter the party. She also hosted a Halloween with peeled grapes as eyes and cold spaghetti for veins. These stories along with the many dresses Grammie made for me and the pictures of the wedding cake she decorated for my mother helped to encourage me to create with my hands.

My father’s mother, Grandma, was equally gifted she made dressed for me including my Jr. High graduation dress and when the florist would not make my corsage from daisies my Grandma made it. Grandma was also an avid knitter making many afghan for the family. The most memorable item I remember my Grandma knitting was a frog family that we would hang from the curtains, the Momma frog was about 14 inches long and I think the small frogs were finger puppets. These frogs brought smiles to us for a very long time.

Going back even further I have a quilt made by my mothers grandmother, the design is little bonnet girls.

My mother sewed and knitted for me and my siblings and even though she has lost her vision she continues to knit most recently from patterns written in braille. These women inspire my to create things for my family and friends that are personal and creative. 

It is my hope that I can pass this love of crafting on to my two children. I keep craft supplies at our house and often bring out beads and foam for them to work with when they have friends over. I take them to Lakeshore, Home Depot and Lowes all of which offer free craft projects for children, the future will show what impact this has on them, but for now we are just having fun.


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