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Easy Chili Queso Dip

This recipe is for Donald and Gloria , it is very much like the chili queso dip served at Chili’s. Mary and I often share this when we are out on Mommy dates.

Two cans of Chili (with or without beans)

1 large block of velveta cheese  cut into cubes or two cans of Campbells cheese soup

heat the chili on medium in a sause pan until it begins to bubble, begin stirring in cheese, watch carefully and stir frequently until all of the cheese has melted.

Serve with tortilla chips.

This is a great dip for game day or movie night.

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Fun with Felt

I made this monkey and its twin before my kids and I went to the Wild Animal Park. Mary had fun carry our snacks in it and it sure got a lot of attention. I crafted this without a pattern, I used the idea off a backpack and altered the shape slightly to look more like a face. I added inside pockets and two rings to clip my phone,  camera or keys to, it keeps me from losing them in the bottom of the bag.


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Altered Paint Cans

I have made these paint cans for the last three years, I use them as teacher gifts and gift packaging for presents. They look fantastic on a gift table. Several of these Christmas cans sold on my Etsy site for the holidays. Soon I will be making more, but  right now I am concentrating on my daughters upcoming birthday party.   

Trees and Holly

Trees and Holly


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Lunch Tins

I put together several of these lunch tins one afternoon. I had these uncovered full sized lunch tins in my garage, I rescued them from being sent to Goodwill. I traced the outline of the tin to make a pattern and covered most of them with scrapbook paper I had. The paper is adhered to the tin using glue sticks and then the tins are decorated with additional stickers and add-ons. One tine is decorated using a pair of jeans my daughter out grew. After completing I listed these tins on Etsy where I sell my crafts if they are not made for family gifts.

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